Solar Panels

Did you know that modern solar PV installations can effectively generate electricity even on cloudy, overcast days, despite common misconceptions. Wexford, located in the sunny southeast of Ireland, is a prime location for solar energy generation, particularly for south-facing or east-west orientations. 

Additionally, research suggests that solar panels perform optimally in cooler climates, making Ireland an ideal location for residential solar PV installations. Taking all these factors into account, investing in high-quality solar panels in Wexford and the south east has become increasingly attractive. 

Custom Solar PV offers a variety of solutions to enable homeowners and businesses to begin producing their own environmentally friendly solar energy.


Truly Renewable Energy


Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is abundant around the world. Get free energy from the sun all year round, even on cloudy days, thanks to solar photovoltaic technology.

Low Maintenance Costs 


Since there are no moving mechanical parts in a solar photovoltaic system, maintenance costs are low. Routine cleaning of the panels themselves keeps them running at peak efficiency.

SEAI Grants

All work is professionally certified, some Irish homeowners can now take advantage of SEAI grants and save thousands of euros.

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